If you want to help your client to build an international brand image, have you ever thought of having your TVC shot overseas? Do you usually have hesitations when you think of huge production budget and hassles of having production in a place where nobody and no production support you are familiar with? Do you think that this is a big limitation to you on creative development? From now on, this is not so far away!

We have extensive and close connections with our production support network covering East and West coast of North America, Canada, and, of course, Asia. Our principal director, Peter Chan, pioneered to employ HDTV (High-definition TV) for production, which is the popular advance technology in Europe and America. He finished a few HDTV productions of TVCs in the US and was able to get first-handed technological knowhow on HDTV productions. The production budget is just around HK$500,000 (including the trip of a creative director from the agency so as to have on-location supervision).

HDTV's visual quality is no less than 35 mm film while the production cost is much more economic. That's why HDTV is the most popular format of TV production in Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, etc., nowadays. The resolution of HDTV is 6 times more than that of Betacam and high-speed recording is allowed. The visual quality is even finer than that of 35mm film and even professional director and cinematographer cannot tell the difference. Employing HDTV can provide you higher visual quality that you enjoy more freedom and have more possibilities on creative execution whether you are on location or during the post-production stage with this high-definition digital technology. For example, you can have instant slow motion full color playback on the footage shot on location; or you don't have the budget limit when using expensive 35mm films so that you can have multiple takes until you get what you want; you don't have to take the risk or waste your time on film-developing, while costly TC grading can be replaced by unlimited times of color grading and trials on computer till you are satisfied.... our professionals will be glad to meet you and update you more on the edge of HDTV productions.